“Boomer directs you around campus”, at Missouri State

Sidewalk Closure, Boomer, MSU, the-standard.org, May 4, 2015

The article in full:

Students at this university have probably noticed any of the numerous construction projects going on. But have you noticed the Boomer signs?

“We’ve created the Boomer signs to help notify campus constituents of ongoing construction activity,” Doug Sampson, the university architect and director of the Office of Planning, Design and Construction, said. “When a sidewalk is blocked, we hope to have signs directing people how to get around the construction. The first use of the sign is at the tunnel work along the transitway to the east of Blair-Shannon House.”

More signs will be appearing around campus as more summer projects get started toward the end of the spring semester.

Robroy Viau, the assistant project manager in the Office of Planning, Design and Construction, said there are 10 more Boomers in production.

“Boomer is being fabricated for our department by Bass Print Solutions and Regal Plastic,” Viau said.


As cute as Boomer is, and though loathe to criticize, we’re pretty sure he is not an ADA-Compliant sign. He cannot provide detectable guidance to those with limited vision. Also, Boomer, by his mere shape, cannot serve as an ADA-Compliant sidewalk closure, as he cannot close an entire sidewalk.

(And we use the word “he” in the universal sense. And we feel awful beating up on a school mascot. )

“Wrigley Field: Not Ready for Prime Time and Not Fan Safe, Yet”

From the article:

“With Sheffield and Waveland blocked pretty much out to the sidewalks on the other sides the street, fans are forced to walk on either the sidewalk or walkways. Heavy traffic leaving the stadium last night made it hard to get around. I and others also tripped on construction-related items which you couldn’t see jutting out because of the low light, crowds and the fact that the items were at ground level.”

“Missing sidewalk impacts disabled man’s mobility”, in VA

From the article:

“Without that sidewalk, Kirby said he has no way to get to the grocery store and other businesses. He said he has been forced to travel along the side of the road, but admits he hasn’t made the trip much in the last two weeks.”

“Blue Springs [MO] Sidewalk Repair and ADA Transition Plan”

From the article:

“The three month audit revealed that 83 percent of the City’s sidewalks will need minor modifications to meet ADA compliance. Minor repairs and slight improvements will also need to be made to City sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, traffic signals, railroad crossings and stairs as related to sidewalk maintenance and right-of-ways.”

“City Council Takes Action On Construction Sites Blocking Philly Sidewalks”

Sidewalk Closure, Philadelphia, philadelphia.cbslocal.com, Nov 13, 2014

From the article:

“There have even been several instances over the past few years where the sidewalks on both sides of a block have been closed at the same time, with no alternate walkway.  Philadelphia’s walkability is being compromised.”

“Campus Difficult for Handicapped Students”, at Univ. of LA, Lafayette

From the article:

“Walkways are not just a problem on campus, but various parts of Lafayette, as well, according to the Facebook page, “My Inaccessible Lafayette,” which shows one man’s journey across Lafayette in his powered wheelchair…”



“Cove construction barriers go up for sidewalk project”, in TX

Sidwalk Closed, Copperas Cove TX, Oct 14, 2014

From the article:  “Cove is 30 years behind in regard to sidewalks and safe pedestrian passage throughout the city,” Karla Branson wrote.

As confirmation, note that the sidewalk closure devices in the picture are not ADA-Compliant; meaning, they are not detectable to pedestrians with limited vision or mobility issues. Nor are they barriers. Other than that…

“Bethesda Sidewalk Closures Irk Councilmembers”, in MD

Sidewalk Construction, Fairmont Ave, Bethesda MD, bethesdanow.com, Oct 2, 2014

From the article:

But Wolanin also said a lack of enforcement means “we’re seeing developers who have not asked for permission” close sidewalks around construction sites.